Importance Of Knowing How To Please A Woman

Sexual intercourse has been around for a long time. It’s needed in our society to reproduce or simply to feel pleasure. The entirety of sex has even evolved into something more complex and it has a lot more factors contributing to the pleasure of both or more parties involved in the intercourse. Yes, I said both or more because sex doesn’t necessarily involve two people. In this 21st century, people have been exploring more with how they have sex. With kinks galore and so many different positions to try out, it’s safe to say that you can always find new ways to spice up your sex life, with consent from all parties of course.

However, it seems that most of the time, women are always prioritizing the man’s pleasure ahead of their own. This is not a bad thing, some people might actually prefer it that way. But for most, that is not the case. Maybe the man is not putting in enough effort, maybe he gets tired easily, or dare I say he arrives a bit too early if you know what I mean. Not all women are hard to please, some are very easy to please however some might take longer and more effort. The important thing to remember is that everyone is different. How everyone feels pleasure, receives or gives pleasure is different. 

One of the reasons why knowing how to please a woman is so important is because this will determine how good you actually are in bed. Thus, the first thing you should do is do your research. If you and your partner are comfortable with experimenting on each other then, by all means, go at it. But if not then do your research. Figure out how to find the clitoris because once you find that, the worse is over and it’ll be a whole lot easier trying to please a woman. Plus, you do not necessarily have to put it in to please a woman. There’s always your fingers, your tongue, and don’t even be shy to buy sex toys because sex toys can help a lot in trying to please women. Don’t think that getting the help of sex toys will lessen your value as a man, as a matter of fact, your woman might even appreciate you even more. 

Knowing how to please a woman might also guarantee the longevity of your relationship, or situationship, that you have with a person. This is because, when you know how important it is to please a woman and how to please a woman, it shows that you care about them achieving their pleasure and achieving their climax as well. Because in any sort of relationship, especially one where you’re sexually active, it is important to not prioritize either one’s pleasure but instead cares for the pleasure of everyone involved so no one feels left out or pushed aside.

Aside from maintaining any sort of relationship you have, knowing how to please a woman will assure that you and your partner, or anyone else involved, will receive the pleasure they deserve. Make sure to ask your partner whether they have any kinks or fetishes that they enjoy, but also make sure that you also share your kinks and fetishes so that you can experiment with different things and cooperate in any relationship you have. Remember that communication and comprehension are key and that if any of you are uncomfortable with something, voice it out and understand each other. Take your time and pay attention to what makes the woman feel good. Guaranteed that any woman will most likely feel good being with you.

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