What Men Should Know Before Asking For Consent

Entering adulthood is uncomfortable and awkward especially if we would like to get sexual with a girl. I mean, how do you actually ask a girl to come back with you without looking like a pervert, right? I am sure that men struggle with these often. But honestly, I would say if you are just being yourself and you could provide a space for the girl to be fully comfortable with you, these struggles would not matter so much. She would definitely go back with you, gladly. Even so, there are still many who still finds it hard to ask. I believe that before any man asks for a girl’s consent, he should know some the other important things generally relating to it.

Is The G-Spot Orgasm Important To Women?

If any of you guys are still not aware, women could have multiple orgasms and different types of orgasms including the G-Spot orgasm. They also have the clitoral orgasm where you can stimulate it with a consistent amount of pressure on any place that is near to their clitoral walls. Is the G-Spot important to women when they have sex? No. But as the same with you men, women also would like to seek the same amount of pleasure. It is true that not getting orgasms does not mean that the sex wasn’t pleasurable, but at the same time, it is as same as not being to release our sexual tension. Thus, going back to your question, G-Spot orgasm is not important to women when they are having sex, but there are many ways you could serve pleasures to her.

Is Your Penis Size Acceptable?

Common sentence men would use: “I’m really insecure about my size”. 

No one can ensure that if it’s acceptable by every woman about small size penises but experts did mention “Women with larger vulva may need a larger penis to reach the stimulation needed [to] arouse the clitoris. Also for women who experience G-spot arousal, a man with a smaller penis may not be able to reach and stimulate it,” and for women who normally and addicted to G-Spot orgasm might need a longer penis to reach that point for them to get pleasure. I don’t think that there’s anything to worry about, because there are many initiatives that you can use in order to give women the same or better amount of pleasure such as sex toys, positions, gestures and so much more. 

What Should I Do With My Masturbation Addictions?

I understand that many of you men would have this type of struggle as well. I mean you had to develop yourself alone and the only way of comforting yourself at times is by masturbation. But my answer and as many other people would say that it is quite healthy especially for your mental state. This is because by being able to release the tension, you are able to focus on other important things, because I can understand for men, sometimes it is uncontrollable. But the thing is when you are masturbating too much that you have the feeling of numbness and you lose your sensitivities. Thus, I would suggest you have a break and explore new ways of touching yourself, so you don’t put more pressure on your penis. 

In conclusion, I believe after you go through all of these questions with yourself, there’s nothing much you should know because you have gone through the basics. But in terms of other deeper issues, you might need to talk to someone about it, and only then it can be helped. But other than that, I think you are perfect to go!

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